Thursday, November 26, 2009

Funny Faces

Aurora was here for a bit on the weekend. She's now talking up a storm and she's learning her colors and her ABC's. She can almost spell her name by herself. Of course she doesn't really know what the letters mean, she just knows the sequence of letters and is good at repeating the letters.

I'm starting to introduce her into my sewing room. All of the kids love to stand at my cutting table to do crafts. She has always had a particular likCheck Spellinging for things with buttons. Things like cell phones, remote controls and other things that she's not allowed to play with. When she saw my calculator on my sewing table, she picked it up and she was clicking buttons with both thumbs. I was wondering who she she thinks she might be texting to, on my calculator. She is too cute.

Then Grampie came in, and he and Aurora got into a face making game. She would lean forward and skrinch up her face, then grampie would do the same. She would do more, then he would do more....

Who do you think has the funnier face?

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dp said...

imagine using her thumbs to play with the calculator. When we were little, we used our fingers, or one finger to push buttons. But now a days, its all thumbs.. the blackberry syndrome. I wonder who she is mimicing?

Funny faces.... um... its too hard to chose who has the funniest!