Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tutorial - Part 1 - Sewing a Canadian Touque Hat

The Make a Canadian Touque and go watch the Olympic Flame when it comes to your community.

I'm a quilter, so I've incorporated a couple of quilters techniques to this touque to give it more oomph!.. In particular you'll notice the raw edge appliqued maple leaf. And I've added a cotton binding to the edge of the touque for a finished look. I made both adult and kids sizes, but depending on your fleece, you may have more or less stretch than I had. It's good to make one as a prototype to get the size. I made a couple before I got it right. I hope you enjoy this touque pictorial tutorial. This tutorial is in two parts.

Using standard sheets of paper, you will create your paper pattern template to cut out your fleece. Once your pattern is made, then move to the second part - Sewing a Canadian Touque - Part 2.

Preparing your paper template:

For sizes:
Toddler 3 - 5 years old - Start with 8.5" x 10.5" paper
Child 6 - 10 years old - Start with 8.5 x 11" paper
Adult - Start with 8.5" x 12.25" paper

For all sizes, mark a dashed seam allowance line 1/2" in along one of the 8.5" sides. (I'm showing an adult size here)

Next, Fold in on the dashed line. This is your seam allowance.

Taking the opposite side, fold the page over to the dashed line, and then again, so that you have quartered the page (not including the seam allowance)

With a pen, make a mark, 4" down from the top, on the double folded side. With a slight curved line, join this mark with the top right hand corner, including the seam allowance.

Cut away the double folded corner... (not the seam allowance corner)

Open up your paper, and this will be half of your template. You will cut out the template on folded fabric.

Use a simple maple leaf applique shape to cut out your red applique. You can use my simple maple leaf shape if you like..go here to download.

Now for the sewing instructions, go to Tutorial - Sewing a Canadian Touque - Part 2

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