Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Olympic Torch is coming

The Olympic torch is heading our way. It is scheduled to be here in Fredericton next Wednesday, Nov. 25th.

Have you happened to read my sister's blog this week?. She ran with the Olympic torch in 1987 and it was quite a moving experience. She has lots of mementos from her experience and is blogging about it all week.

Reading about all her recollections this week has me all excited for the torch coming through our city. I think I'm going to buy a nice Olympic fleece to wear when I go to watch the torch pass through next week.

Go Canada Go!


Unknown said...

I will be wearing my Red Torch Run jacket on Friday when the Torch comes to Kingston. It might recognise me.. I look pretty much the same as I did 22 years ago!!!

Mary Johnson said...

Keith was just asking me today when the Olympics were going to be on. We can't wait -- we always try to catch as much of them as possible.

bargello said...

My friend Barb is carrying the torch...into Doaktown or is it Boiestown? Anyway it is such an exciting thing for her so we will go to watch her on the 27th first thing in the morning!