Monday, November 2, 2009

A month of Crazy Quilting Mondays - Won't you join in?

Are you a Crazy Quilter? Want to join in on a Month of Crazy Quilting Mondays?

Last winter, I started crazy quilting on to Christmas socks for 2 special girls. I won't say who they are because this will be a bit of a surprise when I give it to them next month. But as an incentive and motivation for me to finish these projects and give them to the girls to use at Christmas time, during the month of November, I am going to post progress of my 2 projects on the 5 Mondays in November.

I mostly crazy quilt in the evening while watching TV. I was so pleased to get my supplies all out last night and organized around me for my stitching effort. I expect to really make good progress and meet my end of the month target for finishing these socks by the end of the month. I'll show you the completed socks at the end of November.

The following represents about 2 hours of work. It might not look like much, but the thing I'm most pleased about is how much I'm looking forward to stitching this evening.

Two lines of beads were added to this line of stitching.

I love this wired ribbon and it goes across the ankle part of the sock. I had it being held down with pins and now dainty little flower buds are securing it down. I will probably add a little sparkle later.

And I added this line of stitching to this naked seam. I'm thinking of what to do as the next embellishment. It looks so plain right now.

Stay tuned for Crazy update next Monday.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Good for Gail - I love your month of Mondays. Think I'll have to play too. Do you post the progress for the whole week? Or just Monday?

dp said...

I love the purples and pinks.. I see a theme color for this stocking... yippeee...

MissesStitches said...

I may try to join you--in a way! I really love crazy quilting. I don't know why I don't finish up the four crazy squares that I have attached and think I'm finished with the stitching/embellishment. But now I'm taking an online class which is on embroidery stitches. I'll try to post something (with a link to you) next Monday. Hopefully a photo of my embroidery stitches class.