Monday, November 16, 2009

Doodling a Name Block for a quilt back

Today I made a 12" quilt block that will find it's way into a quilt that is being made for a colleague that I used to work with on a volunteer board of directors. I was given one small piece of fabric to use in the quilt and then I was to add other fabric and make any block I wanted. That was easy and it's done.

I've also been asked to make a 6.5" white, cream, or light NAME block that will be part of the back of this quilt. These quilt blocks along with the name blocks will come from all over Canada. I don't know how these will be stitched into the back of the quilt, but it certainly has peaked my interest.

So today, I started thinking more about the Name block than the 12" block. I've never made a name block. Sounds easy, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to use this neat little book that I've had for years. It's a doodle book called the Kids Book of creative Lettering . It's harder than it looks, for me anyway. I think the trick is practice.

I dig out my 48-pack of Zig markers, ironed a piece of light fabric to freezer paper, measure a 5" square on the fabric with disappearing marker, take a deep breath and then put zig marker to fabric. I use some illustrations and techniques that I find in the book. I'm ok with the little frame that I created and if you stand back 2 or 3 feet, it looks pretty cute, except for the printing of my name. I gave it a quick press, and it looked ok. Just ok. To get rid of the disappearing marker, I rinsed it under the tap, and gave it another press to dry it out. I noticed that some of the ink bled a bit. oh no. I thought Zig markers were colorfast. But it was a good excuse to do another since I wasn't really really happy with it.

Maybe a different fabric and a good hot heat set before rinsing it. So I prepared another piece of plain white cotton fabric and drew the frame. I did the name with the thick end of the Zig marker and it was too thick. I'm not happy with this name block either. I did give it a hot hot iron for a good 30 seconds and let it cool, then rinsed it to remove the disappearing marks. It did bleed a bit but not bad.

I think in the morning, when fresher (ha ha) I'll try again a third time.

One of the three will have to do. It along with the 12" block is going in the mail tomorrow.

Also, it's Crazy Quilting Monday today, but my CQ spiders are not done yet. I will expect they'll be done this evening while watching Dancing with the Stars. I'll post about them tomorrow.


lindsay ostrom said...

Gail... i'm proud that you used the book to follow... and I love the first choice. Did you try the Tsukineko fabric markers? That's what i use on all muslin/ fabric that will be washed. Keep lettering!!!!

Linda H said...

Gail, I have the same book!! Glad you reminded me of it! It's in with my scrapbooking stuff; I'll dig it out next time I do a label... Can't wait to see your spiders...

Mary said...

I never thought of using these books to write labels -- I don't think I have any now but I used to have a lettering and border book that I used on some homemade cards. I'm going to run out and find one ..maybe even check out Amazon.

Did this book have lettering AND borders?