Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Olympic Torch comes to New Brunswick

We had an awesome afternoon today as we went to see the Olympic Torch celebrations.

As soon as the bus dropped them off from school, they got dressed in their Olympic outfits. Mama had packed their lunch to eat in the car while we drove to the festivities, so we all piled into the van to drive to Oromocto where the afternoon celebration was.

Before the torch came, we visited all the sponsors booths. My friend Linda H. came for a visit earlier today and gave me a really nice tambourine as a noisemaker cause her hubby is working the RBC booth. So as soon as we got to the Celebration site, we looked for the RBC booth and we were lucky to get a tambourine for each of the kids and I get to keep mine.

This is the Olympic Mascot. Everyone loves him and he smiles pretty good for the camera, don't you think.

We had great front row viewing for an amazing acrobatic performance by the celebration team. There were also fantastic team of drummers along with a trapeze girl doing really neat things with the hula hoops.

Maddison, a long time friend of the triplets was there doing her highland dance on the stage, and she was really happy to meet up with her buddies. /All four fit into this Olympic bobsled just fine.

And then it was time. Everyone cheered as the runner was making his way to the stage. What an honor for this retired teacher.

After a couple of very short speeches, everyone joined in and sang O Canada with the choir on the stage.

I thought this was just so awesome for the kids to be part of.
On the drive home, we talked a lot about the Olympics and that they would all be grown up by the time the Olympics come to Canada next. They all said that when the Olympics come again, that they would run with the torch.
Now, that they've been to the celebrations, they'll go home and watch Auntie Donna's video of when she carried the torch and they'll enjoy that video of her. It'll be like a then and now story for them.
EDIT: Here is a picture of Jessica and Emily at the Olympic celebrations early yesterday morning in Moncton. The runner with the torch ran right in front of the school just before the bell rang. Looks like Emily could use a cup of coffee!!!

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Unknown said...

A very different torch experience than mine, but fun for sure. We had a coke truck drive by, and an RBC truck full of dancers..... we all got little bottles of Coke!! I love the kids outfits, and the tamborines are pretty cool too