Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well used Quilts

There's nothing better to a quilter, than a well used quilt. My oldest grandchildren have always had a "blankie". Actually, they are quilts and they have been slept with every night since the girls were one or two years old. These quilts go everywhere with them. Even on vacation! These are well used quilts.

This is Jessica and this is her I spy quilt from at least 6 or 7 years ago. It is well worn and very soft. When she was little we used to play I spy with it. She was a smart kid and knew where all the cats, balls, bugs and flowers were. now after years of use, little rips and holes are starting to show up. This quilt has been patched once. Today, while it didn't need a patch, we sewed a beautiful little dragonfly embroidery on it today. It's just sweet and I can guarantee that this quilt is going nowhere except home with Jessica.

This is Emily having fun under her blankie. This little quilt was given to Jessica by her other grandmother when she was born. When Emily was a baby, she adopted this little quilt as her own. It's been washed and washed so much that within a few years, holes started to appear.

Emily has a great memory and says that the very first patch that we put on the quilt was this little purple cat. When she was a toddler, she was a real cat lover.

Then Emily said we put on the poodle patch. She must have been going through her doggie phase.
Then we added snowmen, apples, more cats.

Then the holes were out of control especially on the back, so the back of the quilt has been completely patched over with large pieces of quilting cottons. It has many many lines of zig zag stitching and is very secure now.

So, back to the front, the holes were continuing to come quilting on the front, so I started adding my stitch-out embroidery samples. They were cute too. So Emily has an octopus, a "Bride" patch, a lovely "S" from when I was making Stephanie towels, and even a snake on her blankie.

Today, we added a very elegant dragonfly and it's covering a new hole that just came out in the past week.
Both of these well used quilts have fun histories and many many memories, for both Jessica and Emily and of course me too!


dp said...

I don't know if you remember when you and I made a blanket quilt when I was a teen ager in Sydney. Michelle and Scott have it now, and they were watching videos of the 90's and it was on Michelle's bed then. It is so ratty now that its stuffing is coming out the back.. almost time to toss it! I will send a picture of it.. you will remember it!

I love the girls blankets and all there funny patches.. I made one of those eye spy quilts for one of my nieces but I don't think they loved it as much as your little girls love theirs!

MissesStitches said...

Such wonderful quilt stories! Thanks for sharing.

Trish Preston said...

Too precious...what great memories.