Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Word of the day - Over-Decorated

We're home now from our fun trip to visit with Grandchild # 1 and 2. We arrived in Moncton and played the game Planet Earth. What an educational game that is. I think it helps to watch the movie first. Grampie is either very lucky or very smart. He got most of the answers right. So everyone will want him on their team next time we play Planet Earth.

After supper, the 4 of us went to see Where the Wild Things are. It as a cute show about the imaginary creatures of a little boy. While this show was not animated, the costume effects were amazing. We all enjoyed the show.

After breakfast this morning, we had a big job to do. Over-decorate a batch of gingerbread cookies. First we had to gently roll out the dough. The girls were trying to get as many cookies as possible out of the first rolling.

Then they didn't take very long to bake, and cool.

Then came the fun part. The Decorating or Over-Decorating as we called it. We snipped the tips of our 5 decorating bags of icing, and did some test cookies. Everything was perfect.

If we were simply to decorate these cookies, they would have been done in an hour flat. But to Over- decorate, took special skillnd over 2 hours .
Jessica and Emily started out a little insecure about their decorating ability, but by the end of it, they were old pros at it, as you can see from the result.

Great Job girls.


dp said...

Ok... the cookies look amazing..yum yum yum.... fun fun fun.. Did you find the movie scary?
Planet Earth sounds like a fun game...

MissesStitches said...

Those cookies are beautiful! I would say they have just the right amount of decoration on them.

cpm said...

The cookies look amazing! I think your grand-daughters should be in Michelle's baking program! lol!
Sounds like a super fun afternoon!

Michelle said...

Awesome job on the over-decorating! Pass one to me, would you?
be blessed,