Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Spy - Flannels

I am getting into the swing of things on Day 2 at the beach condo. It's a beautiful sunny day, and a little cool. Our daily walks along the beach will probably be a little lazier than our normal power walks at the Willie Orena. But who cares. As long as we're moving, right!!

I am participating in an I Spy Flannel swap on an online quilting board. "I spy" flannels out of quilters flannel are harder to find than I thought. I did finally get 3 fabrics. Golf balls, picnic ants, and frogs. They're cute. I got my 3 flannels washed, pressed and cut. Now I need to find an envelope to mail them in. Because they are flannel, they take up more space than I had planned on so the search is on for a perfectly sized envelope.

I will get my swapped blocks back about mid April. I don't know who this quilt will be for, but I thought doing a flannel quilt was such a different idea.


Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't get caught in the snow storms. Love the flannels for the I Spy. Enjoy your walks on the beach. Lucy


Hello Gail, The flannel are pretty neat. I reckon it would be a nice kids quilt with what I see on your post. Finally the Winter Wonderland is supposed to be posted tonight. I have talked about it on my blog. Have fun on your beach walk. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

Glad that you made it safe and sound. Does that flannel one satisfy the need. Won't be doing another exchange when you get back? Miss you. Linda