Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

We're closely watching all the snow in Washington. I'm so glad the snow is not coming up the eastern seaboard. It looks like the storm in heading right out to the ocean.

So, we're adjusting our plans and going to take our time heading out tomorrow. We're not going to drive that far tomorrow, maybe to Portland, Maine and then evaluate how far we go on Monday. I'm glad we're taking the "Inside route", as the snowbirds call it. That way we stay away from New York and Washington. We're hoping that the snow will have melted by late Monday when we by pass the hard hit areas start heading towards Richmond where we'll catch the I95.

I am getting a kick out of looking at some of the photos online. My stitching friend Judy send me this link. Photo number 1 is a poor Domino's Pizza guy stuck in the snow. Do they still have that 30 minute pizza delivery guarantee? And further on, people on bicycles should not take them out in a snowstorm!

I guess that we folks, who have regular snow, and lots of it, should be thankful that we have the equipment to handle the snow and the experience to manage it.


cpm said...

Good decision! Take your time...that's the joy of being have ALL the time in the world! Have a great time!!! Safe travels! :-)

Anonymous said...

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