Thursday, February 4, 2010

A baby quilt finally has a baby to cuddle.

Early in the week I went to visit a young soon-to-be mom. I used to be good friends with her aunt who took her in over 20 years ago, when she had lost her dad, and her mom suffered in a hospital with illness. So I knew this young girl when she was about the age of my older grand children. And I lost touch over the years with her and my friend when we moved.

Shes now living on her own, and in university. The minute I saw her, and her familiar smile, she said, "I remember going to your house, and doing crafts in your sewing room ". I really don't remember her coming over that often, but she does. She looked the same, just all grown up. It was so nice to see her.

I made her some bibs, taggie blankets, a ribbony baby ladybug and some receiving blankets. I took her the Baby Take Along bag that I showed you recently here. It was filled with things she might need in the hospital. As well, I brought her some things from Patience and things that I no longer need around since Baby Aurora is no longer a baby.

This young Mom to be was so pleased, she said "You made all this for me!! Oh, Thank You, Thank You!" I was so touched by her appreciativeness and as we said our good byes, I thought to myself, that's it, I have to make her a baby quilt.

She's such a nice young lady and her boyfriend seems nice too. She doesn't have anyone close to her who is a quilter. So, that's going to be my job. I'll make a nice baby quilt for her.

Of course, this week, I said to myself, that I wouldn't start anything new. In my mind, I said, I sure I have a UFO of some sort..So in thinking in terms of of baby quilts, last year I was on a mission to make 3 of these Nancy Halvorson baby quilts. I found out, that after having half of the blocks done for the 3 quilts, 2 of the 3 babies that I was intending to make the quilt for, turned out to be boys. I quickly lost my enthusiasm to make these quilts although I love the pattern. After all this, I had intended to just use the blocks and put them together to make Aurora a twin size quilt, but I have something else in mind for her single bed now. The blocks, fabric, pattern sat in a pizza box... now a UFO.

Yesterday, I took out the blocks and sorted out what I had done, and what was left to do. It took considerable effort to sort through my papers, notes, fabric strips, blocks (all times 3) and find out where I had left off. I did get blocks sorted and I have almost finished the center of the quilt. The name goes in the larger block that has the darker outline'. Since I don't know this precious baby girls name, I'll wait and applique her name on when she is born in early April. The minute I hear, I'll be ready to swing into action and it won't take long to applique her name, layer, machine quilt and bind.

So, one of these baby quilts finally has a baby that it will snuggle soon.

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