Friday, February 26, 2010

Lemoyne Star Quilt

My sinus problem is clearing up and I'm itchy to sew. In between Olympic games, I'm pawing through my mini-stash that I brought with me. I finally decide to open the Lemoyne Star kit that I brought with me. I've been dragging that box around for 3 years now. As I start to drag out the rhombus pieces, and the triangles and squares, every inch of me wants to close the box. But it's time to get into it.
I now realize why I didn't want to start it. Those darn "Y" seams. I hate them. I lost hours of thinking time on the church quilt I did in January. I was trying to re-think the pattern to avoid a dozen small Y seams. If I had a just got to it, I would have had them done in less than an hour.

So, I resist the urge to close up this boxed kit and commit to myself to at least do a few blocks. That's all I needed and I'm into it now. I'm following the directions very carefully. I have the first block almost finished. It's in two parts. I don't have the courage to sew them together today, but I will tomorrow.
I'm hoping to have all 16 blocks done by next Friday. If I can do that, then the rest will be a breeze to put together at a later time.
Stay tuned next Friday. I'll let you know if I get them done or not!
Hey there Friday Girls. Have a great Coffee Break. I miss you all!!


Michelle said...

Looks great. You have great courage.

I have put a link to you on my sidebar. Thank you for allowing me to do that.
be blessed,

Lee in NB said...

You're missing nothing this Friday, Gail. It's freezing rain, schools are cancelled and we're all snug at home. Look out at the beach for us!

Quilting Queen said...

I love the rich.. looking forward to seeing it put together. Cold and miserable here...don't want to know about the beach and sun if you have it. lol

Joanne said...

Your lemoyne star looks great. I tend to stay away from y-seams too!

blanket said...

Understand your difficulty to do the stitching with your sinus problem and wish you a quick recovery.

Karen said...

Why Y whine? :) These seams are a snap for anyone who sews as beautifully as you. Last fall for my Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend workshop, I sewed over 500 Y seams in preparing the class samples.The trick is to press the centre seam open when you set in the square- regardless of whether your favourite inset method sews the seam all the way closed or leaves it open 1/4" at the end. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Great to see your sewing Gail. We met on Thursday this week before Vivian left. (I was glad as I would have missed Friday again) Kathy and I are playing with One Block Wonders. What fun! Bye for now. Linda G