Friday, February 12, 2010

Calm before the Snow

It's all over the news.

Snow's coming. It's everywhere in the south. It's overshadowing the Olympic start today.

They say that this is the first time in modern history that snow will hit all the states in the same year. This is a picture of the beach from our condo balcony. It's not that cold, but there's not a person walking the beach. The water is very calm.

So for my technology friends, can you spot my wireless connection at the condo in this upper picture.

Scroll down if you want me to show you where it is.

scroll down

scroll down

If you can't spot it, look at this picture. Lower Left. You can see the white access point with the antenna. It's mounted on the post of the little walkway bridge that leads us to the water.

I love it that we have wireless at the beach.


Dolores said...

How wonderful to be connected while on holiday!

Lee said...

Nothing like getting away from it all, Gail...har, har!