Monday, March 22, 2010

I got Mail!

I was delighted to get letter mail from Baby Aurora today. She's starting to learn about stickers and shapes and she's getting pretty good about using many colors when she draws pictures. She is getting to an age where she will like to do crafts. She is coming to visit me as soon as we get home in 3 weeks. We'll have fun doing some projects, or at least I'll have fun.

Today has us going on a little road trip. We'll be visiting Southport, North Carolina where my favorite stitching shop is. I'll look for a few perfect threads/ribbons for my CQ socks.

Then we take a little ferry and head on to Wilmington, NC We're on a search for a Zhu Zhu Hampster ball for Grace. We can't find one anywhere here in South Carolina.

1 comment:

cpm said...

that zhu zhu hamster is freaky...and annoying. Abbey got one for Christmas...Grace's Mommy would surely be happy if you didn't find one LOL!
happy shopping nonetheless! :-)