Thursday, March 18, 2010

Melbourne, Fl Quilt Show favorites - More Favorites

Here is my final post on the Melbourne, Florida quilt show that was held on March 12 and 13, 2010. There were so many nice quilts, and I do find it hard to take great pictures at a show because of the amount of people there.

Loved this triptik. The grayish background was heavily textured. A very nice effect to show off the vivid colors of the flowers and leaves. The black draping also helped to make these show up beautifully.

My friend Karen at Sew Karenly makes beautiful Beauties like this. The quilt maker of this quilt said she got the pattern from a Fons and Porter magazine. (It's a coincidence, but today I start sewing on my very own batik beauty using Karen's pattern. Watch for a picture update later this week.)

I can't say that I have a lot of pastels in my stash, but this quilt was so soft and gentle. Doesn't it remind you of Spring, and Easter. I might have to start looking for pastels to add to my stash. Loved it.

There's noting like a love a good old fashion scrappy quilt. Isn't this eye catching. Just look at those stars and geese.
I think that the connecting blocks in the sash really help to make the stars pop.
Of course the hand quilted outlining of the stars helped them pop too. I enjoyed this quilt on many levels.
This next quilt is called Bears and Berries. The name is so cute. The bears is because it is the bear paw blocks. It's the berries that are unique on this quilt.
In the closeup, you can see that the vines and berries are hand embroidered in different colors. The vines are outlined in hand quilting and that really accentuates them. I really like the hand picked look. I must ask my friend Linda H. if she knows how to do this stitch. I'd like to do some of these wheels on my current CQ projects.
Again, this quilt made me smile and instantly made my favorites list.

Remember the other day, I showed you my favorite mini quilts. I thought the same quilt maker made 2 quilts. I was wrong. This quilt was made by a different quilter. It sounds like Caryl Brayer Fallert was in the area and gave a class. Both the mini and this quilt were made after both these quilt makers took her class. I enjoyed these quits, and even though they were in different rooms of the exhibition hall, it was easy to see that these were related. I guess they could be called cousin quilts.
Since my hubby was with me at the quilt show, I asked him to give me his viewers choice pick. He took some time to look over all the quilts. When he came back to me, there was no question in his mind, that this was his favorite. He appreciated all the piecing and the overall look of this quilt. Does this quilt look familiar. It reminds me of the block of the month quilt last year on "The Quilt Show" website. I have to agree with my hubby, this certainly is a stunning quilt.
Well, that's the end of my quilt show picks. Thanks so much for a really great quilt show Melbourne. I loved visiting your great city.


Karen said...

Hi, Gail: Have enjoyed your quilt show pictures. That quilt *IS* my design -Oriental Beauty; it was in The American Quilter, not Fons and Porter, so the maker has it incorrectly credited.Nice to see it, none the less. Thanks for posting.
Karen Neary

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, All the quilts you shared with us from the quilt show are very lovely. It was enjoyable to see what other ladies are creating in different parts of the country. I especially love the pastel one and the Triptik floral one. Very lovely. Thanks for sharing them all. Hugs Judy

Quilting Queen said...

Thanks, Gail for posting those pictures. KInd of makes you want to get sewing, quilting and embroidering all at once. Beautiful quilts.