Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is any of your money here?

While walking around George Town in the Caymen Islands, it all looks quite familiar.
We are in Cozumel today. Windy conditions prevented us from docking in the Honduras yesterday. So an extra sea day for us.
We are in the Princess Cays the day after tomorrow and our clamshell is all ordered up. Too much sun is not a good thing. Ask how we know!!


dp said...

that is too funny.....CIBC, Scotiabank... RBC... I wonder if they know what CIBC stands for... and where the heck is "Scotia"....
Too much sun... oh my heart bleeds for you!!! Actually, we have had a beautiful week here... well, 4 days of sun. That is a FIRST this winter! Feels fantastic!

Sandi Mac said...

We have crazy wind here in South Florida this am...Won't be making it to the Quilt Show - Saturday is a RaceDay. How much damage did you do at Rockledge? Sandi