Sunday, March 14, 2010

A visit to The Quilt Place in Florida

We are back on solid ground from our cruise. We spent the day today at Kennedy Space center. We will be driving the final leg of our trip back to Myrtle Beach tomorrow. I have lots of stuff to blog about so I thought I'd show you a wonderful quilt store in Florida that I went to see.

I decided to drop in to the Quilt Place for a couple of reasons. My guild friend, Sandy Mac said it was a mesmerizing store and that they had thousands of bolts of fabric. She was right! The second reason I went, was that they they carried the Sharon S. Quilt halo, and I wanted to buy one.

The store is deceptive from the outside. The building is plain, but had a nice sign. But the minute you went into the store, you knew. I had to stop and just absorb the size of the store. The buzz and hubbub of a dozen workers, and dozens of quilters. It was half an hour until closing time. So I quickly made sure to get the things on my list, then I took the rest of the time to just browse and look. They had every book that I ever looked at online. Patterns too.

This picture is just one of about 10 aisles of fabric. There is no fabric out of season in this store. They had bolts and bolts of fresh Halloween fabric. Christmas fabric too. Kits, kits and more kits. Lots of samples. Threads.. lots of threads. I was surprised that they carried the brad of thread that I use for machine embroidery - Marathon. They had the large cones.

They had 3 longarms set up. One was stitching by itself. And two others were being operated by one lady. One looked like it was a sample machine, that prospective buyers could play on. the other had a real quilt loaded and it was being panto'd.

This is a wonderful one-stop quilt shop and I recommend if any quilters are in the Rockledge, Florida area, that you drop in, and leave yourself lots of time to browse books and patterns. Don't go without a list because you will quickly become overwhelmed.


dp said...

wow. I can't believe you only had a half hour in there. Looks amazing.

Sandi Mac said...

Glad you liked the store!!!! My first trip there, I was so overwhelmed that I didn't buy anything. I thought that once I got started, I would not stop.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, Looks like a great quilt shop. Isn't it fun discovering new wonderful places to spend our money. VBG DID you go to the quilt show?? Hugs Judy

KF said...

Half hour????? Hmmm. Doesn't sound quite right. Gail, have you looked at all this year for the silver tips for Elmer's Glue? If you find them, would you pick me up a set?
Miss you...

pwl said...

The shop looks amazing. I'm curious - what sort of thread do you use on your longarm?

And I have fond memories of our visit to Kennedy Space Center on our honeymoon, 20 years ago this October. :)