Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Spy with my little eye - Where's Dora?

Where's Dora!   She's going to be in row 9.
I've been working on Aurora's I Spy quilt this week and I've made great headway.     You'll probably notice in this photo, there's a row missing.  That's row 9.   My friend Gwenda has a special piece of fabric for me.  It's Dora the Explorer.  Aurora just loves her.  So, I'll be getting the Dora fabric in the next week, and then add her with the rest of hexagons in row 9, then continue on with adding the borders and finishing the quilt.  

I started out with my kit of 120 charms that I got from the swap we did this summer.   I supplemented these with many from my own stash, and lots from other friends.   I loved picking out lots of patches that Aurora will love.  There are two Disney princesses, (but sadly no Sleeping Beauty ), a Micky Mouse, many cats nd dogs, a Winnie the Poo, butterflies, Canada flags, crayons, marbles, a golfer and lots and lots of animals.  

"A" for Alligator and Aurora

This A for Alligator (and Aurora) is perfect.  I had been collecting some fabric with letters but my friend Kathy F. found this A in her stash.  It's a perfect size for this size hexagon.  Thanks KF.
While waiting for Dora, I'm going to see if I can find a Sleeping Beauty fabric.  There's got to be some somewhere.   Did you know that Sleeping Beauty's real name is Aurora? 


Joanne said...

Great I Spy quilt! Good luck finding Sleeping Beauty fabric.

Unknown said...

My heavens, it is sooo sweet! How fun.... Can wait to see it for real! you make things look so easy.. so they look so nice!

Anonymous said...

It was worth the wait Gail. Can't wait to get started on my own. Are you certain this is easy........... Lucy

Dolores said...

It's looking good. If I had some SB fabric I would send it over but, alas, I don't collect many fabrics with 'things' on them. Maybe I should start - just FQ.