Saturday, September 18, 2010

Testing the Weed Wacker Block

I'm in the middle of testing out a slightly smaller version of Bonnie Hunter's Weed Wacker block. I'm using 1.75" strips instead of 2". The finished block will be 7.5" instead of 9". This allows me to fit an odd number of rows and columns into the queen size quilt. EQ tells me that if I use 99 of these weed wacker blocks I'll have a 86" x 101" quilt. A perfect size.
I'm just at the stage where I'm sewing the diagonal light patch on the strip.
I thought I'd tell you about this new Glow Line tape that I bought recently. Although it's intended to use on your acrylic rulers, I find I really like it for marking my sewing line on my sewing machine bed for when doing the diagonal line. It's slightly tacky like floral tape. I'm using the pink tape on my sewing machine. The package includes 3 colors.
I can't show you the finished block because the nice sunny and warm weather is calling us to the cottage for a couple of days. I'll finish the test block on Sunday evening.

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Dolores said...

Can you show us how you use the tape?