Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Queen's 3D Coronation in 1953

Do you all have your 3D glasses from the post office yet?
On Monday, we watched this neat documentary on CBC that was made from rare 3D footage of the Queen's coronation in 1953. This footage while exciting at the time, was put away and was only recently made public. Can you imagine that they even had such technology back then.

I'm pretty sure the documentary is on again this evening. Watch it if you can. You'll have an appreciation for what effort was made to get footage of the coronation to Canada on the same day so that Canadians could enjoy this. Of course it was just regular black and white footage, but there was no such thing as live TV back then.


Anonymous said...

Oh grampy your such a good sport! garmmy making you take silly pictures again! lol


Anonymous said...

Love the glasses. Sorry I missed the show. I would never get my husband to pose for such a picture. Hubbie is definitely a good sport. Lucy

bargello said...

You guys look like secret agents! Because I am legally blind in my left eye, the glasses didn't work for me...Imagine! But I sure handed alot of those glasses out. Good show though.

Dolores said...

HAH! We HAD to watch it since my neighbour gave us a couple of the glasses. Don't know where she got them but it was fun to watch.

Dolores said...

I forgot to say, it was a hoot having all the Canadian celebs telling you to "put them on," "take them off."