Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Run for the Cure - Knitters Stitch Markers

Yesterday, I showed you some pink beads that inspired me to make a unique craft to raise money for the Run for the Cure. I will sell them locally to my friends and quilt guild friends this month. I guarantee that these stitch markers will put a smile on any knitter who uses them.

Here you can see my first couple of sets of stitch markers. These type of bead stitch markers are popular among young knitters. I have two styles that I just love and will make for my fund-raising effort. The pearl set looks antique and is embellished with a small crystal. The crystal set will have 2 crystals for extra sparkle. They are shown here with a size 4.5mm knitting needle as a reference. Which set would you like for the knitter in your life?

I made them in sets of five, with one unique pink marker in each set. The unique marker has two functions. The first function is to indicate a new row, if you are knitting in the round. The second function of the pink marker is to remind us of the ever present need to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Who will you be running for on October 3rd.


Unknown said...

I love the pearls... I want to buy some... how much?

Joanne said...

Beautiful stitch markers - fantastic idea!