Monday, January 31, 2011

Itty bitty quilt - Hour 5 and 6

I'm continuing on with my 1 hour per day plan for this Iddy Bitty quilt.  

On Saturday, I soon realized my hour was going to be taken up by mostly rooting through my stash for backing, batting for this quilt, and then giving all the layers a good ironing in preparation for the layering.  The only bit of sewing was making 200" of bias binding.   On Sunday, I spend a good part of the hour  taping my backing to the floor with masking tape, then doing the same to the batting, then finally layering the quilt top over that.  On a cushion, I knelt down to put in all the safety pins.  I still have to close the pins, but other than that, I'm ready to machine quilt today.    The final hour is scheduled for Tuesday, which will be to apply the binding.  Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

so, at first when I saw the squares, I thought they were sort of boring, and then when I saw them put together in the second blog, I thought, geesh, sort of boring.. Imagine my surprise when I saw the whole quilt and it turned out to be the most adorable little boy quilt I have ever seen!!!! I love it Gail, I should have known it wouldn't be boring!

Quilting Queen said...

You are so disciplined...I'd be jealous if I didn't know how well it works for you...hey, come to think of it, I am jealous!!!

Dolores said...

Are the letters sewn down or just fused?

K-Swizzie said...

taping them down to the floor! that's a good idea, thanks :) I have my first quilt top done and I've been looking at it wondernig how I'm going to get it pieced together without my quilt stand yet!