Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charming Blocks

This week, I'm spending 1 hour a day working on this little quilt to get it done quickly. All together there's only about 100 charm size blocks

It's a free pattern from one of my favorite bloggers.   It's only a small quilt.  I think I'll wait until the top is done before I reveal what it will look like in the end.   Maybe by the weekend...


Dolores said...

I thought of doing that - devoting an hour a day to one project and then moving on to another project or something else entirely. Somehow, it's still only a thought.

K-Swizzie said...

the suspense! I'll be watching to see what it looks like once it's done!! I'm doing the same thing , aiming to work on something every night!


Kathie said...

very cute, can't wait to see which quilt or whose blog it is on, I must have missed this one!
a hint maybe?