Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Presenting Autumn Swirl 2011

I'm so pleased to present "Autumn Swirl".  

The St. Dunstan's Quilters will be loading this quilt in February and hand quilting through the rest of the winter, spring and probably into the summer.  It'll be their raffle quilt that they unveil in the fall.    

Of course, those of you who follow Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville, will recognize this as her Weed Whacker Quilt, with some modifications to the border.  

I'm going to be visiting my friend Rose this week, and she'll do some marking before it goes on the frame.    I'm so glad that she's feeling better and has even gone out for visits with the St. Dunstan's quilters a few times recently.  She's looking forward to marking and unveiling to the other quilters.

And I'm glad it's done too.  It was my last major project before we head south for some snowbird time away.