Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you recognize this box?

If you're a quilter, you probably do recognize it.....

Yep, a Singer 221...aka - a featherweight.  I had no idea I really wanted one until I got this one home. It doesn't have many accessories, but it did come with a couple of bobbins.  I have an old jar of feet that came from my mother's sewing room and I'm positive that some of those feet will fit this machine... I can't wait to try them.

Anyway, according to the serial number, this Singer 221 was manufactured in 1951. 

I guess the fad for quilters is to have one that was manufactured in the year you were born.  I'm a few years off, but I think I'll love having this little gem just the same. 

I haven't tried sewing with it yet because I have a little visitor, but when she's gone,  you can bet I'm going to test it out - probably Tuesday.   Until then, I'm going to have fun thinking of a little project I can sew on it from start to finish...

Is anyone keeping count of how many sewing machines I have?...   Care to guess?


Karen said...

Ohhhh - you will love it! I have 4Featherweights, including a Centennial edition which has never been used (a rare fine.) My favourite- and the one I use often - is a 222 freearm. Where did you find yours, Gail?
Including my Featherweights, I have 14 machines. When I say that it almost makes me feel I should begin the sentence with, My name is Karen and I'm a sewingmachineaholoic...*-)
Enjoy your treasure. Any of the old short shank feet will fit.

Dolores said...

As Karen (above) will tell you, I am jealous. I have wanted for years and it keeps reappearing on the MOM List of things I want. So far, no one has taken the bait. I don't really want to count how many machines I have but suffice it to say it's more than six.
Where did you find it?

Linda H said...

I'm guessing you have five machines Gail. Am I close? Where did you find this one?

Karen said...

I have to comment on Delores' comment, as she coined the perfect phrase in an email correspondence a couple of weeks' ago. I mentioned a non-working Featherweight, which Delores cleverly called a Paper Weight. I love that!
I'd also love to see how many machines other people will own up to having!

Mary Johnson said...

I want one too!

Not sure how many machines you have but if you include the longarm I have 4 so I'm guess more??

Kathy said...

Well Gals,
I am NOT a collector, just an admirer...I have 3 machines, a Featherweight that I love, a Designer SE that I love love, and an old Singer (from 1974) in a table that I used to love! Gail, you have now 5, is that right? hahaha, you have many that you use and loan or test or enjoy or.... Can't count your serger right?