Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quilt Labels

Yesterday, I stitched up these labels on my embroidery machine.  I'm so good at making quilt labels for my quilts that are given away for raffle quilts, but not so good at making labels for my own quilts.  I cannot think of one of my quilts that has a label.   The Nines and Vines Quilt for the Stan Cassidy Foundation is only a week or two away from being finished.  You can follow the hand quilting progress on the FQG blog here. It's so nice. 

And the LeMoyne Star which is being quilted at St. Anthony's church will be finished before the spring.  We are well into the stars, but I will do a photo update this Wednesday when I go.  This week is going to be special because Cecil G. is going to join us on Wednesday for some hand quilting.  It's nice to have a special guest.  I might try to arrange more special guests to keep things moving along while I'm away.

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Karen said...

You are so modest - I don't see your name there at all.
Your labels are beautiful. I do mine on the computer, printed on fabric treated with BubbleJet Set. You have such patience, Gail.