Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm back from Alaska

Well, Alaska was amazing.  I came across this quilt on our last day in Alaska.  It was lone quilt, that featured in the Welcome Center.  It really was a beautiful quilt.   Each block was different and made from wedges to give a spiral look to each block.  Looking at the quilt made me start to think about getting home and back to sewing.

It all seems surreal now that we're back for a whole day.  It really feels like home not only because I slept in my own bed last night, but also because I spent a bit time today at the sewing machine and ironing board.

This week, both quilt guilds that I belong to have their September start-up meetings.   To me, that's a sign that Fall is here and I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to this summer.    

This week, I'm going to buckle down and work hard on my church raffle quilt this week.  Before I left, I had 99 blocks done.  I need a total of 128 before I start putting the top together.  So I'm counting on getting those 29 done in the next few days.  Then the rest of the week will be spent assembling the quilt top.  It will be set up in a display at the church this coming weekend, in hopes of getting a few more hand quilters to work on another raffle quilt this winter.

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dp said...

So, with all those quilt blocks to make this week.. why were you working on Jack's blanket today!!!!

You go... go go go go.. you can do it!