Monday, September 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Block Update

I took a couple of my Winter Wonderland blocks and all my supplies with me to work on while travelling. 

So that I would be organized, I made my little peek-a-boo pouch to take with me a few weeks ago.  If you recall it had a see-through part so that I could see what was in the pouch without opening it up.  

After posting on my blog about air travel with scissors, I found out that rules have changed and small scissors are allowed in your carry-on. 

My little see-through pouch did come in handy while going through security at the airports.   When I put my coat in the security bin to send through the scanner, I set my pouch on top of my coat, apart from purse, so that there was no chance of them thinking that I was trying to hide my little scissors.    I just sent the bin through the scanner with the scissors showing and didn't say anything.

Next thing I hear as I was going to the end of the line to collect my stuff, is the security officer yell out - CHECK THOSE SCISSORS.   The hair on the back of my neck stood up...oh, darn, how embarrassing.  What would I say..   Well, the officer at the end of the line, picked up my pouch gave it a quick look, and without even unzipping the bag, she said. "Cute" and sent me along my way.  So I left with a smile on my face, and wondering if she thought my scissors were cute, or the peek-a-boo bag.

In a few weeks, as people are getting geared up in blog land to make small projects as Christmas gifts, I am going to make a simple tutorial on making this see-through pouch.   I think I may use the machine embroidered block that I made a few weeks ago as my base, then go from there.

So, back to the subject...the big question is... Did I get any Winter Wonder blocks stitched while I was away?    Well, of the two blocks that I brought with me, I got one of them done. I think it's called Snow Family.  And I have a healthy start on the next one.  I'm quite pleased to have it done and I only have three left to do.


Linda H said...

Good for you Gail! Way to go. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

margot said...

I still wouldn't try to fly with scissors you care about or can't replace. I went through 2-3 airports on a trip last winter before coming across an agent who had an issue with my little pair of folding scissors and confiscated them. They were cheapies that I loved and thought I could replace only to find out they don't make them anymore. Very sad!