Friday, September 23, 2011

A Stitcher's Lairiat

I'm totally off track this week.  I really wanted to finish my church quilt for tomorrow's unveiling.  But it was not meant to be.  I'm using jet lag fog as my excuse and I've moved on.  I told the quilters we would put the new quilt on the frame after our Thanksgiving.  So that gives me a new goal of October 12th.    I know I'll be able to have it done by then.  I have 110 of the required 128 blocks now done.  I just need a bit of a break...

That doesn't mean that I didn't sew today.  In fact, I was thinking of some small no or low cost gifts that I could make and use as prizes for an upcoming class that I will be teaching.
So, this is what I came up with this afternoon.   I'm calling it a stitcher's lariat.  Not quite original, but I think they're cute.  I find that I'm always carrying scissors with me now a days, so for around the house, I think I'll use this.   

Here's how I made it.   I sewed a bunch of random lengths of 1.5" strips together.  I then ironed in half, and folded the edges into the half and ironed again.  Just like I was making a long narrow binding.  I stitched the folded edge, what seemed for a mile...

I cut the long strip into 48" lengths and fold up each end about 1-1/2".    Next take a 1.5" standard width piece of velcro, and cut it in half longways.   This piece of velcro will do two lariats. 

Apply a hook section to one side and a loop section to the other side while enclosing a ring and a clip to each end.   Notice that I off-set the folded ends so the clip hangs a bit lower than the ring.  I think this gives a nicer layering of the two metal items 

I know scissors can be put on the clip, and I'm not sure what could be put on the ring.  Can you think of anything that could be attached to the ring?

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