Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blue Beach Glass

I processed another batch of beach glass this week.  Two bottles from my friend Pat.  One bottle was very dark.  I thought it was blue.  Now that it`s broken, and frosted, I think it`s green..... It`s beautiful just the same.  And the other bottle was light blue fading to dark blue at the neck of the bottle.  I love how I have many shades of blue glass from that one bottle.

I love the look of the colored glass with pearls and crystals.   I can`t wait for Grammie camp this summer to do our jewelry crafts. 


Joanne said...

The glass is beautiful! Lucky grandchildren, can't wait to see the creations.

paulette said...

I was in an Artisan Shop yesterday and there were earrings made from sea glass!! Gorgeous!! The Artist had drilled little holes into the top of each piece of glass and wired a earring hook. Simple and stunning! Lucky you to have so many pieces to choose from!!