Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quilt Canda - Seams like Home

Hey,  I might see you at Quilt Canada's NJS in Halifax this week.  I'll be there today and tomorrow visiting the shows and markets.    I can tell you that I'll be overloaded with inspiration and ideas.   I may even have to take sleeping pills for a few nights.  If I don't, I sew and think all night about projects.   Do you get like that when you go to big quilt shows?

If you need more information on the shows, click here.    And I'll see you there!!


Linda said...

I was there today. Going again tomorrow. Too much to see and buy. You are so right...sleeping pills all around!!

Kathy said...

I am volunteering at noon at the TrendTexChallenge.(1130-230) See you there?