Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reusable Snack Bag

My daughter was here on the weekend and showed me a cute reusable snack bag that she bought.  It was the perfect size to hold a sandwich.   I have seen a number of tutorials for these so, while at Fabricville yesterday, I bought some nylon fabric, Velcro and cute patches.

Here is my prototype.  It's cute.    I'll definitely make more for the kids to use.

Nylon envelope for a sandwich.  Nylon is washable, but not that breathable so it will hold freshness for hours.
Fits two slices of smart bread nicely.

Closes securely with Velcro

Got a set of 9 little patches to sew on the sandwich bags from Fabricville.  They are all sweet.  I'll use them all.


Anonymous said...

I need some of these for the kids lunches...very environmentally friendly. Michele

MissesStitches said...

What a great idea! Your model looks wonderful.

Michelle Matheson said...

Brilliant!! I love the whole idea and the little patches are adorable! I was at fabricville this week and picked up two monster patches and I saw those ones. They are all so adorable!

Lee said...

These are cute but I must be lazy. All I can think of is that I'd have to have at least a week's worth because they'd be in the wash waiting for the peanut butter and jam to be washed out. I suppose they could be washed with the dishes and then dried somewhere... Like I said, I must be lazy - lol. Let me know how they work out.