Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are you a Smartphone Quilter?

My new HTC One V beside an IPhone case.
Well, for a while now, I've been pondering upgrading my cellphone to a smart phone style phone.     Since we got home from China in late April, I've been reading about various smart phone technologies, and studying the various carrier plans.   What I found it, is that buying a smart phone is all about what your needs are.  There are many different phones and plans.  I read this blog/website daily to get a feel for what's happening in the mobile industry in Canada.  There are updates and news several times a day.

My main needs were very specific.   I want to be able to occasionally check my email and Internet from our cottage.  Our phoneless, wireless-less cottage.    When cottage season is over, I want to scale back my data plan and not have to be stuck in a contract to pay the monthly fee for services that I don't want to use from October - May.    All my other cell needs are minor.

After my research, I settled on this HTC One V phone.  I had never even heard of HTC before starting my research.  My new One V is about the same size as an IPhone.  See it beside an IPhone case.    I've also decided to stick with carrier Koodo.   I've had excellent service from them in the past three years with my regular cell.  

Now that I've had my phone for a week, I have learned something new every day on it and I'm ready to test it out at the cottage this weekend.    I've downloaded a few apps, but nothing too terribly interesting.   Bejeweled, and Suduko..

What I really want to know, is, how can this smartphone help me with my sewing and quilting projects.   If you are a Smartphone Quilter, I'd love to know how it helps you.


Colleen G said...

Apps that I have on my phone; Quilter's Club of America quiltshop finder,Robert Kaufman Quilting calculator, Quilter's reference, block library, all fun and free to play with when I am contemplating down time or waiting for an appointment. I use the phone camera to record ideas and inspiration wherever I find it. Any of the note making apps is good for reminders. I didn't get to see the wonderful Red and White quilt exhibit (missed it by weeks in NYC) but there is an app where you can see the quilts and read their names. I'm visiting NYC again and will let you know if the addresses in the finder work out for me. :-)

Kathy said...

I don't have my phone here at te moment but have 5 or more quilng apps...including Quilt Fab, Quilt References, Aurifil , Quilt Calculator and one or two more. As you know I
use my phone for pics of quilts all the time!