Friday, June 8, 2012

Lady Slippers in my woods.

White Lady Slippers - Patch 1
My knowledge of wildflowers is limited.   But in a little patch of woods behind our our cottage, we have these beautiful Lady Slippers popping up in a few spots..... 

They are such a unique flower.  I had no idea until my friend Linda H. told me they are rare.  She came to see them with her own eyes.  While I took these pictures, Linda took stunning photos.    She shows them and has a great explanation of these beauties, go to visit Linda's Wildflower Wednesday post here.

Pink Lady Slippers - Patch 4 - notice the seed pod.  It might be from last year.

White Lady Slippers - Patch 2

Pink Lady Slppers - Patch 3 - notice the seed pod stick from last year.


Angie said...

They are so beautiful :)

Gloria said...

Oh you lucky thing.