Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet thank you notes

Last week, I was invited by the Grade 4 teachers at my grandchildren's school, to give a presentation on our recent trip to China.  I gladly accepted and delivered my presentation last Wednesday morning.  There were about 50 kids in the two classes.   My one hour presentation included about 150 pictures and a few videos of things that I thought would be interesting to the kids.  Thinks like The Great Wall of China, the panda bears and other animals at the zoo,  the lucky dragon, and many pictures of food and candy.  And we ended the presentation with a little hands on using chopsticks and eating a cracker snack from China as they headed out to recess..  The presentation went really well and the kids had many questions... like... What was on the other side of the Great Wall? 

Well, I was surprised on Friday, when the teacher when sent home a bunch of thank you notes that the kids made for me.   I was truly touched, and love the effort. 

What do you think? Cute, eh?

His favorite part was using the chopsticks.

You You (sounds like yoyo) is one of the Pandas

Dragons are lucky in China.  See the lovely drawing of the Great Wall.

I showed them using a globe, how we flew over the North Pole to get to China.

I had many pictures of the Great Wall.  They liked that.  It is one of the Great Wonders of the World. I think Avery liked it.


Linda H said...

Too cute!!! Nice that the teacher is teaching them how to write a Thank you note - sadly a lost art today with most young people...

Donna Peters said...

I love all the cards... I get kid art and cards all the time, and I never get tired of them!!! What a great thing for them to learn all about... China... so interesting.. and cool things happen there! I love all their writings...

Lee said...

Such fun that they appreciated your effort and sent the notes. Soon you'll be on the lecture circuit, and I'll be able to say "I knew her when...."