Monday, June 18, 2012

Velcro stitching

I love sewing small projects.   Many of the projects I make have velcro closures.   One thing that bugs me is to see a stitching line on the outside of a project where a piece of velcro is stitched on the other side.   In an attempt to hide those velcro stitching lines, I look for ways to stitch the velcro on, without using the obvious little square stitching line.   Here are a couple of examples.  

I added lines of stitching to make it seem decorative here.

I basted down the velcro on the under side with white thread.  Then sewed an all over design on the right side. Then removed the white basting thread. 

Do you have innovative ways to hide the traditional way of stitching on velcro fasteners?

PS:  I know some will ask....The first project is needle case by Nancy Halvorsen's Sew Necessary book.   The second bag is the Sassy Bag, by Lazy Girl Designs.

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Donna Peters said...

really great ideas. I love that you baste right through the middle of the velcro. That is so smart... easy to pick out.. geesh, never ever thought of that!