Saturday, July 7, 2012

Using leftover bits of I spy fabric

After cutting hexagons out of some  I spy fabrics that my friend Lucy dropped off for the school project last week.  I was left with some bits that were too small to cut more hexagons out of, but too good to throw away. 

So I made some small patches out of them.     I simply trimmed out some of the fun characters and laid them face up on a piece of paper backed fusible.  Then I put a piece of parchment over it and ironed them to the fusible and cut them out.  

Today I used up five of them.  I lightly ironed them to some snack bags that I was making and zig-zagged around them to secure.   I have several more made and I'll save them for other projects or simply patches on the kiddo's blankies...    Cute, eh!

Giraffes and a bunny

A Lucy Patch... (thanks Lucy)

Sweet Unicorns


Calicojoan said...

Great way to use those ohhhhh way to cute to throw away things!

Anonymous said...

You are very resourceful. Lucy

Kathy said...

Cute...I like 'em!!