Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snowflakes in July

My little snowflakes embroidery is so cute.  I decided to put a red checkerboard border on it, and after it's machine quilted, I'll simplyfinish it with a red binding.   

For now, I did take advantage of using my FriXion pen to lightly mark the lines where I will machine quilt.  I don't usually do that, but since I wanted the look of snow, I thought a little pre-planning would be helpful.   After I machine quilt it, a simple passing of the iron will remove any marks. 
Stay tuned,   I'll show the completed project to you next week.  

And what of my Winter Wonderland project..... well, I do have 6 more blocks done, but I'm afraid that it may slip.   Maybe I'll get it finished as my "Christmas in August" project...

1 comment:

Colleen G said...

Did you ebroider through a second layer when you did the stitchery? I am looking forward to seeing your other work as I don't believe I have seen it in any colour other than red.