Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blending Linen and Cottons for small projects

I love the blending of linen fabric, with quilting cotton.  I  see little projects in quilting magazines and books now with this look and I love them all. 

I made up this little prototype drawstring bag this week using some leftover drapery linen that I bought to make a cover for my calendar earlier this year. 

Also, I've been using my old pinking sheers more lately.  I "pinked" out this "D" from fabric that I had fused recently.  Then ironed it to the linen and machine quilted over it to secure it.  

Now, who do I know that has a "D" initial, that I can give this to?    

Cute, eh!


Donna Peters said...

D could stand for "Darling" which is what the bag is.. or it could stand for "Donna"!!!

Anonymous said...

Me Me Me....who is spending summer as a homeless person, constantly packing and moving....