Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Ladybugs at the Lake - Grammie Camp in two days.

It's only 2 days before Grammie Camp.  We have had our program and menu planned for some time now.  And now that the time is close, we're shopping for groceries, and last minute items for the programs/activities.   I've made lists of lots of things to do and to bring over the past few days. I hope I don't forget anything.   My sister has been working overtime with planning the major activities...

My sister and I will come from opposite directions, and will both arrive at the cottage Tuesday afternoon.  We'll work for the afternoon on finalizing the activities and props.  The kiddos will arrive in the evening.   We'll be at the lake for 5 days and the weather ahead looks warm and sunny.  That's great because thanks to Grampie and Scottie, we have a small air conditioner for the second floor of the cottage!!   We're stoked.

We shared the theme of this year's Grammie Camp with the kiddos last week.  

Ladybugs at the Lake!!

Watch for updates through out the week. 


Linda H said...

I'm just wonderin' who has more fun at Grammie Camp- the kidlets or the adults...??? lol

Michelle Matheson said...

We are so excited - Jack can't wait to do Grammie Camp!