Monday, August 20, 2012

A Beautiful Bride

This past weekend, we attended the sweet wedding of my niece Stephanie to her long time beau, Sean.  On their summer break from teaching English in Korea, they tied the knot!   Congratulations!

Mr. and Mrs. at St. Dunstan's Church.
Don't you just love that blue crinoline!

Relaxing walk to the park for pictures.

Carry my shoes for me Sweetheart!

The brides brooch bouquet  lovingly made by
her mother.  Many special brooches.


Sweet P said...

I love the blue petticoat under her dress and her bouquet is incredible. What a great looking couple.

Anonymous said...

The bouquet turned out stunning! Seeing the blue peticoat under the white wedding dress is so different and i like the idea. Seeing that very long aisle in St. Dunstan's church reminds me of a very, very long time ago that I made the long trek to the front. Where does the tiucy