Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snowflakes Stitchery finished

I'm looking at my fall calendar of things to do, and I know I have to start getting back in my sewing room.   It's been a mess, and just not nice to go into.   I know if I spend 30 minutes just sorting and and putting things away, it would go a long way to getting back into the swing of things.

It didn't take me long to clear off most of my sewing table.  I have several partly finished projects.  So I thought, let's just finish them rather than move them. 

Here's the first one finished.  This little snowflake snowman didn't take very long to finish. I only had to machine quilt the border, then apply the binding.   A total of 45 minutes.    For a while I had a bit of a problem with the old question "Do you think it's ok to mix hand stitching, with machine quilting?"

But I'm over it and I think it's just darling.  

If you want to know the pattern, it's the "S" from Crab Apple Hill Designs,  Snowmen, A to Zzzz.    

And the good thing is,  I have something for show and tell at my September Quilt Guild Meetings.  Ahh, I'm starting to feel good!    


Sandi said...

You did a lovely job, the design is great.

Kristen King said...

Great job..I've had this project on the to do list for a long time, but all I've completed so far is cutting the fabric out...great to see that you finished yours. Thanks for the incentive to get back to work on mine! :)

Michelle G said...

It looks great. Craftsy has a class called stupedous stitching that combines decorative stitch on your machine, couching and hand stitching. The projects are beautiful. So I think you can definitely combine machine stitching and hand stitching.

Linda said...

Love it! What a cute quilt.

socialsue said...

Love your snowman quilt! Great job!!

Donna's chitchat said...

I am working away on my practice piece.. three needles a night.. is my goal. Won't be long and I can start my "S" project. thank you for making me my kit and my sewing bag... I love it.

Kathy said...

Your tremendous perseverance has paid off Gail! Lovely work.

Rejuvenate Vita said...

Great design, love the overall look and colors, and it has a definite unique style :) good job! I'll keep checking in for new stuff

Rejuvenate Vita
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