Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fascinating Family Pictures

A wedding is a great time to take family pictures.  Especially since the reception offered that everyone should wear hats of some sort.   So, we all got dressed up and wearing the fascinators, that we made last week.  It was just another reason to smile.   We took some fun family pictures.

All the girls wearing their fascinating finest!

Patience and Carrie

Donna and Gail.  Do you like my Fascinator?

The Green Family

The Harringtons

The MacLeans

Are we having fun yet girls!

Aurora holding the bouquet.  Can you see the  Kitty,
with the bow tie hanging.  

Grace points to the peacock brooch she gave to Stef for her bouquet

Boys will be Boys.  Everyone loved the Lizard that Mitchell gave to Stephanie.

Do you see this fabulous big spray of Flowers.  Caitlin contributed it to the bouquet!


Linda H said...

Great photos of all the family and the kiddos! Can't believe how fast the triplets are growing up!! Love that brooch bouquet.. neat idea!!

Linda H said...
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Jill MacD said...

I love that the bouquet had a little bit of everyone represented! Your fascinators were fascinating!