Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Inside view of a Hornet's Nest

View of the bathroom window.
A few weeks ago, when we went to the cottage, we noticed that hornets had started building a nest on the outside of our bathroom window.   A few weeks went by and it got quite large.   The good thing is that, the hornets kept to the back side of the cottage until just recently.     It looks like a halloween ghost or something, doesn't it!

Close up.  Looks scary, doesn't it!

When the hornets started coming to our side of the cottage, we decided we had better take action to remove them.  We hung a trap, and within days, most of the hornets had been captured.    When the next was mostly vacated, we sprayed the nest, and in a few hours, there was no activity.  It came off the bathroom window with an old egg lifter.   It's gone now.     Just a few homeless hornets around, but I'm sure they'll find another home, or find their way into the trap.

Very interesting to watch the hornets hard at work inside the nest.


Dolores said...

It is scary. I have seen a few on various houses on the street in past years. Thankfully, not ours.

Lee said...

When we lived in Mississauga, we had them find a way into our house overhang. It was like watching the TO airport traffic, all the comings and goings. Being able to see that inside view on your window, while a bit creepy, would have been very interesting.

Quilting Queen said...

Hi Gail...DH expedited four nests this year and we are sure there is another one around here somewhere since they keep bothering the hummingbirds. It seems like we should call this the "year of the hornet".

Little Penpen said...

that nest is sooo cool! We had one starting on the eave of our house, but hubby took care of it before it became too big.