Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Dancing Garment Bag for Grace

Aurora was here this weekend with me.  She had a bit of a fever and couldn't go to Daycare, so her mama brought her here on Friday.    Grace came to stay the night with us and we watched a movie!     Aurora was feeling a bit better on Saturday, so we went to Fabricville.(Love that place).  She picked out a piece of nice soft fabric to make her feel better.

At the same time, I bought some fabric to make Grace a garment bag to carry all her dance costumes.  Grace designed what she wanted on her dance garment bag.  Here was her design.   She wanted "Dance Dance Dance" on it.  As well, as some ballet shoes, a heart and her name.

So, I did some embroidery and made a nice bag with pockets for all her hair bows, scarves, shoes etc.

Grace came to pick it up this evening, and she said she loved it.  I do too.    She'll be all decked out when she goes to her competitions next month.  By the way, if her friends want a garment, too bad.  Fabric is all used up!!  :)
Grace models the back of her garment bag!

And the front with the heart and her name on the pocket.


Donna Peters said...

oh my GOD, its stunning... I love the heart in the front with Grace's name.. I would like a closer picture

Linda H said...

Lovely bag! Lucky Grace!!

jenny miller said...

I want one like that. lol It'll help me when I carry around clothes that I don't want to be wrinkled. How did you do the stenciling by the way?
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Lee said...

And to think that you considered getting rid of your embroidery machine....

MissesStitches said...

That garment bag is something else! Way to go! What a lucky girl Grace is!