Monday, October 22, 2012

Row of the Month - Rows 2 & 3 done.

Two more rows done on our row of the month project that the guild has organized.  So that's three in total that I have done now.  I'm determined to keep up.  If I don't, there's a risk that it will become a UFO.    After my original blanket stitching from the Winter Wonderland row was unpicked earlier this week, I decided to use a small zig zag stitch to outline all the letters.   It's not what you would call a satin stitch, but I do like it how it gives a nice definition to the outside of each of the letters.

Thanks to a great suggestion from Sandra in a blogpost last week, I put a call out to my quilting buddies to see if they had any suitable blue for the background of my mittens row.   Sure enough my friend Lee M. and Linda H. came to the rescue.  I auditioned all the fabrics they pulled for me and Linda H., who is well known for her stash and love of blue fabrics, had the perfect one for me.   I'm happy.   Thanks girls for going through the effort of digging in your stash for me.  It was much appreciated.

I'm not sure when we'll be given the next rows at guild, but I think it will only be after Christmas now.    So till then, this project gets put away.

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