Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Saw the Queen & Prince Phillip - twice today

It's our last full day in London.  We've seen most of the sights so we happened to be strolling around Trafalgar Square.  We decided to walk down the Mall to the Palace again, and we could see something was up.  There were baracades everywhere.  We continued to walk, and then we saw a bunch of the Queen's Guards marching and forming a line on the street.   We asked a police woman what the action was.  She was so friendly and told us the Queen would drive by.   Within 10 minutes, a procession came along, and there they were.    There were not too many on lookers.    But look, Prince Phillip looked right at us, and waved for my camera.  Yippee - what a great unexpected surprise and it made our day.    

The queen returning to Buckingham Palace
Nice Horse..- moved slightly for my camera.  


Anonymous said...

How exciting is that! Lucky you. Lucy

Colleen G said...

What a lovely bonus for you! When I turned six, my parents took me to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Dad was in the military stationed in Germany at the time. Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee was far in the future but I won't tell you how far because that would give away my age. lol Sadly, I remember there was no Royal standard on the pole to say she was home. I asked my dad if he hadn't told her I was coming? Big disappointment for me but not for my brother who loved to march alongside her guards, swinging his arms in time with theirs.

Kathy said...

Impressive pageantry, wonder where they were going each time? Lucky you indeed!!

Sandra said...

Apparently there was a state visit for the Indonesian President whilst you were watching the proceedings.
From what i've read

everything didn't go quite to plan.Although the Queen was not involved, there was an incident outside the residence of the Prime Minister. On Downing Street, which is just off the Mall (the main boulevard down to the Palace) there was protesting and arrests!!
You were lucky though to be in the right place at the right time!