Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quilting with a Buddy Guild

We were assigned a buddy guild in our province at the last Gathering of the Guilds conference this past spring.    The Cotton Mill Guild was assigned the Miramichi Guild as a buddy guild. No rules.. We could do as we please.   It was late in our guild year when we planned a day in the fall that we would invite them to come sew with us for a day.  Well today was the day.    We had 16 of their members come by the carloads this morning.    We hosted them by giving them lots of yummy food, and providing a kit of fabric to each of them for a mystery project.  The class was taught by one of our guild members Jennifer S.

The day is over, and it was a very satisfying day.   I sat with a quilter named Jean from Miramichi.  Everyone called her Mom!    She was funny.  Had a few "Worty Dirds", as she says.... tee hee.. Humor aside, she was an expert sewer and a nice table mate.

The project everyone did is called the Style File.   It was a great small project everyone learned a new zipper installation technique.  Come to think of it, I think everyone finished their projects.  The style file is a zipped portfolio that holds a letter sized file folder in the zipped part, and it will hold regular sized paper in the front pocket.  This a beautiful set of brown colors.  The camera doesn't do it justice.   Isn't it nice?

Within a day or so, there will be pictures on the Cotton Mill Blog... Come over to have a look.  See you there,

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