Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making paper tags for my fabric luggage tags

Holy cow.  I just noticed it's been over a week since I blogged.  I've been busy working on lots of projects.  It's guild week.  I have two meetings.  On Tuesday, I'll be passing on small crafts to one of my quilt friends who is collecting crafts for a Grandmothers helping Grandmothers sale in November.     I thought I'd try to make them  nice by putting tags on some of the items.

Printed words on a trimmed piece of scrapbook paper
I don't do much in the way of paper crafts, but I did buy this punch recently at Michaels.  I think it will be nice to make paper labels for things from time to time.     Here's my first attempt at using the punch today.

Turn tag punch over, and line up tag carefully.

A slight squeeze and the tag pops out perfectly

His and Hers Luggage tags.
Needle Books, coasters, luggage tags.


Donna Peters said...

fun tag cutter, and fun crafts for Grandmothers helping Grandmothers!

iram akrm said...

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