Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blackford''s Beauty for St. Dunstan's

The hand-quilters at St. Dunstan's have picked the next quilt for me to make for their next raffle quilt.  Since the number of their hand-quilters are declining, they chose a simple design, that can have a bit less hand stitching on it than some of their previous raffle quilts.  

They chose "Blackford's Beauty".   You might have seen this free pattern on Quiltville.  Bonnie calls it "Jared takes a wife".  We will call our quilt by it's traditional name, "Blackford's Beauty".  It is a beauty for sure.  In my stack of photos, I showed the ladies this one done by Alice K. and it was displayed at one of our guild's quilt shows back a few years ago.  It's no mystery why they chose it.  It's stunning.  They love how Alice hand quilted it and they suggested they might like to do the same.

So, sewing this quilt top will be my December/January project.  


Linda H said...

Lovely choice!!!

Donna's chitchat said...

I love the colors.. and the hand stitching.. what a wonderful project!